Thank You!

Thank you Sarina for organising this hike with all the detail and passion you have done it!
I have been on many hikes but you have been so part of my thoughts about this hike since I signed up.
All the updates about the accommodation the welcome rain and the not so welcome plague of grasshoppers brought this hike alive long before the first step!

I could feel the chill in the air, breathe the clean air and smell the homemade real food long before I tasted Ina’s welcoming bread!

You not only introduced me to the beautiful Nieu-Bethesda but you also allowed me into the owl house to change my preconceived view and ideas forever and my owls will remind me that they are a very small part of the life and legacy left by Helen Martins.

You allowed us to enter the lives of our hosts and peek at some of the hardships they endured and rejoice again in the resilience of the human spirit.

That also is true of everyone who hiked with. 

Thank you!
Susan Potgieter

Group 3 - 2022

What did you experience during your walk?

“The Karoo is a special place, but Compassberg has an ambience that surpasses the typical Karoo experience. Walking around the Compassberg confirms our longing to spend time in the presence of something bigger than ourselves. Every step was worth the effort.”

“Travel light. Include uphill exercise in your preparation.”

Wilma van der Merwe

Group 1 - 2022

Baie Dankie!

Hi Sarina,hoop dit gaan goed met jou en dat jou volgende groep stappers dit net so geniet !!! Baie baie dankie vir al jou reelings besprekings korrespondensie en omgee tydens ons stap!! Dit was vir my en Johan n heerlike ervaring die blyplekke en etes was regtig besonders goed en lekker !! Ek wens jou alles wat mooi is toe, sterkte!

Susan Loubser

Group 2 - 2022

What will you remember most from your Compassberg Camino Experience?

First the amazing route, nature and most of all the comradery between the co-walkers. Friends forever.

I am capable of much more, with a little dedication and effort I can move out of my comfort zone. One step is enough to move forward. I could just be myself  – nothing to prove & nobody to impress.”

Lallie Killian

Group 1 -2022

Tell us about your Compassberg Camino Experience

It was the most amazing experience. The scenery was beautiful and you get to connect with the Karoo, all of it. The typical Karoo wind, the sun, the drought that is visible around you but it is still beautiful. The walk is some days tiring but it’s rewarding at the end of the day to say “I made it”. The farms where we have stayed was really like an oasis after a day’s walk. The food was tasty & delicious.”

“To Sarina I just want to say: Baie baie dankie vir die Camino wat jy bymekaar gesit het en so sorgvuldig beplan het. Jy is ‘n wonderlike mens met soveel passie vir Nieu-Bethesda en die omgewing. Hou aan met die Camino en jou fotografie – jy is amazing. I am coming back for more!”

Karin Els

What did you experience during your walk?

“Peace of mind, tranquillity, physical and endurance limits. I felt free and safe. The value of quiet time and isolation is only apparent when you experience it. So try it!”

“Pack enough snacks, take regular breaks and enjoy the company of others on the walk with you”

Justin Duckitt

Wat is die ding wat jy die meeste sal onthou uit jou ervaring?

“Uithouvermoeë! Jy kan nie omdraai nie –  jy moet vorentoe. Team Work. Help each other. Meet new people. Verken die dorpie en ek moet sê mens kan lief word vir Nieu-Bethesda. Dis ‘n WOW gevoel as jy jouself blootgestel het aan so iets en jy het dit gemaak!”

Wilma van Eeden

What did you experience during your walk?

“I love the spectacular beauty of the hike which released my imagination to wild speculations and deductions. The walk can be physically tiring but the marvellous thing is that after a great night’s sleep you wake up fresh and raring to go again. The Camino is not a race and whatever your reason for the hike, the object is to enjoy this beautiful corner of our country!”

Margie Afonso

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